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It was the 26th day of August, birds are chirping morning melody, sun’s shining up bright as that of gold, yet alarms was almost been shattered into pieces. Students have to immediately leave for quite a while the comforts of such cozy beds. The day which most were looking forward weeks before has finally arrived, the HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT EXPOSURE AND FAMILIARIZATION TOUR 2015, every student under the department of management and entrepreneurship were requested to gather at the assembly area near VMC premises as early as 6:00 am in the morning. Senior students were separated from the juniors down to the freshmen. It was around 7:00 am when the service bus hit the road. The itinerary was comprised of three sites, land (Vikings Restaurant MOA) air( Air Asia), sea (Manila Ocean Park), a total package to be exact. The first stop was undeniably the crowds’ favorite, food. An hour before the ingestions of mouth-watering and sumptuous food, a seminar took place. Some representatives from Vikings discussed some facts with regard to the restaurants corporate background including the branches, reservation process, wine services and the rest of its operation process. . There are five main buffet dishes: European, American, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino. Customers are suggested to eat very little for breakfast before having to eat lunch or dinner. It’s one way they could get value for what they pay for. People are encouraged to take portions of food from the different stations with repeat mode on. Each buffet station offers delectable dishes that guests can relish. For starters, you may serve yourself with cold cuts, bread, salad and soup. Enjoy pasta of your choice or pizza from the European station. Angus beef, Lamb or Tenderloin Steak with sidings like corn on a cob or potato chips topped with flavorful gravy from the American station. The Dessert station offers unimaginable variety of sweets. Select from halo-halo, chocolate fondue, mousse, cakes, sapin-sapin, puto bumbong, ice cream with countless toppings, candies and a lot more! Everyone gets the most out of the buffet. Satisfied enough, the students left the restaurant with heavy stomachs having the thought of eating their again, and photograph sessions commenced. It was around 3:00 pm when the second exposure was pursued. Sounds of enjoyment was expounded which tells the excitement takings of all the students, “It’s adventure time” students speaks thrillingly. But, it was too early for it, an Air Asia Seminar has to be heard primarily before anything else commence. There were representatives from Air Asia to whom we owe the knowledge of what really Air Asia is. Games have been thrown into place to the audience to suppress the boredom. Air Asia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to 100 destinations spanning 22 countries. Its main hub is KLIA2, the low-cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia: all its Kula Lumpur departures and arrivals operate through this terminal. Its affiliate airlines Thai Air Asia, Indonesia Air Asia, Philippines Air Asia, Air Asia Zest, and Air Asia India have hubs in Don Mueang International Airport, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and Kempegowda International Airport respectively, while its subsidiary, Air Asia X, focuses on long-haul routes. AirAsia’s registered office is in Petaling Jaya,Selangor while its head office is at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. AirAsia operates with the world’s lowest unit cost of US$0.023 per available seat kilometres (ASK) and a passenger break-even load factor of 52%. It has hedged 100% of its fuel requirements for the next three years, achieves an aircraft turnaround time of 25 minutes, has a crew productivity level that is triple that of Malaysia Airlines, and achieves an average aircraft utilization rate of 13 hours a day. The last part of the itinerary, the Manila Ocean Park Adventure, was given life after the seminar which lasted for an hour. It was around 4:30 pm when students were given tickets worn on their wrists which will serve as the gate pass for each attraction. Manila Ocean Park is the country’s first world-class marine theme park and a premiere educational facility. An integrated urban resort with marine life attractions and aqua-themed hotel, the park is geared towards an all-year, all-weather destination for local ads tourists. Every day is a holiday and an ultimate fun place for all ages. The Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium in Manila, Philippines. It is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of China Oceanis Inc., a Singaporean-registered firm that has operated four oceanariums in China. It is located behind the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park. It opened on March 1, 2008. In terms of floor space, the 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) ocenarium is larger that the Sentosa Underwater World ocenarium in Singapore, and features a 25-metre (82 ft) underwater acrylic tunnel. The sun was conquered by the darkness implying the idea that the day was over, that very moment where everyone should already be heading home. Students were gathered outside the MOA’S vicinity waiting for the service bus to fetch everybody. It was around 7:00 PM when the wheels started the trip way home. Silence embodied every students, most were tired, some are sleeping. It was around 9:00 pm when the bus reached the place to where the assembly area was, having with it all the students safe and sound. The tour has come to an end leaving smiles, knowledge and contentment among all the students. Indeed, nothing beats experience. By: Justine Almenario
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PEAC Certifiers Visit VMC
Last September 16, 2015, Villagers Montessori College was granted the opportunity to host the visit the reputable Private Education Assistance Committee Certifiers. The committee envisions establishing a permanent foundation to private education. In partnership with the institution, they aim to serve learners and provide total quality education for the future of our nation’s propagation. Hand in hand, the schools in unison with FAPE wish to nurture the students in order produce holistic individuals. A whole-day survey was conducted by the committee. Their stay started from a tour in the school premises to familiarize themselves in the four corners of our home. Next, they were able to observe and distinguish how the Montessorians impart in class discussions and how they converse with their enthusiastic teachers. Apparently, we, Montessorians were commended by the officials of PEAC. They were able to depict what separates us from other students. We were admired for proper decorum and well-manners. The positive comment is an off shoot of the indefatigable teaching and prodding of our teachers. Each of us in the institution proved that every Montessorian is aware and skilled of providing a warm and affable welcome to visitors like the officers from PEAC. By: Airah Danelle Tuazon
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Montessorians Prevail in District VI Press Conference
(By: Airah Danelle Tuazon) Last August 25, 2015, the annual District VI Press Conference was held in Ismael Mathay Sr. High School which was joined by the members of “the Phoenix”, the official school organ of Villagers Montessori College wherein aspiring campus journalists to flaunt excellence. The contest, which lasted whole-day long, is a way to showcase the talents of the campus writers and hone their capabilities to become the future of Journalism in our country, Hence, such competitions test the writing ability of students wherein they compete against various schools and contribute to their life experiences. As per the contest proper, the member of the Order brought home the gold, namely Kriza Ann D. Gaspar of Grade 8- Charity for the category “Pagsulat ng Lathalain” and Airah Danelle M. Tuazon of Grade 10 - Honesty for the category “News Writing” thus Tuazon also placed 2nd in the category “Sports Writing”. Completing the list, Mhargaux Terishae De Guzman of Grade 10- Humility got 6th place in th category “ Pagsulat ng Balitang Isports”. Together with the other winners is Angel Grace Bulawan of Grade 8 - Felicity who obtained 7th place in “Editorial Writing”. Last but definitely not the least, the youngest of the members, Reign Sitia of Grade 7 - Wisdom got the 10th place in “News Writing”. These placers together with all the other participants are set to ablaze the fire in their next Press Conference in the division level.
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